April 13, 2011

Where have I been?!

Goodness it feels like ages since I last wrote! So much has been happening and I cannot believe how fast the days have gone!

Here are my resons ("excuses" LOL) for not blogging very much:

  • Sickness- It started with Aiden..and then I got it. Except I got it SO MUCH worse than Aiden (thank goodness!) It was terrible. I finally caved in and went to the Dr after being so sick for over a week. Today is the last day for my antibiotics and I am still not 100% well. But at least I can function now. Terrible I tell you. Aiden seems to be fine! Like I said before...he didnt get it as hard as I did and Brent didnt get it at all. Amazing!

  • Also on the 8th we CLOSED ON LAND!!!!!!!! This is so exciting...especially if you know us in real life and could see us trying to find a new house. We have looked at alot and nothing ever seemed to "fit", or they were out of our price range. We still want to have vactions and nice things so that wasnt going to happen with a house out of our comfort zone. So we found 5 acres we liked. It was terrible..the first day we drove to the land to look. THREE others cars pulled up at the same time..and that was just when we were there. So who knows how many actually came and liked it. We were told there were other offers and to put our best one in....and we got it! (and we still got a great deal...well as much of a deal as you can get for 5 acres)

  • I finally was able to play around with a fun new digi stamp from an artist called Loopy 4 Digi Designs. Lori hand draws these all herself and they are mighty cute! I really loved this digi because ALOT of Easter bunnies or even other designs such as flowers, chicks, etc all look so girly and having a son and a nephew it was great to find a male rabbit!

This digi is only 2.50!! And you can find her Etsy shop HERE

I colored him with my copics and used some pattern paper from Hobby Lobby. The brads are fuzzy and reminded me of Spring...they also came from Hobby Lobby.

So I am sorry for the lack of blogging but now that I am feeling better I SWEAR (on my copics....) to be a better blogger again. Yes, I just swore on my Copics so you know I am being serious here.

So now I am off to start looking at house plans. Have some you like leave a comment with the url of them!

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