March 18, 2011

Day 3 Challenge

Hey There! Its time for Day 3 Challenge..........Share your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Its obvious that Brent is my best friend (although I do have some best girl friends!). I love this picture of him.....perhaps it also doesnt help he has the cutest kid in his arms as well!
Brent doesnt like his picture being taken and he actually asked me to take this you see his smile?!

Its real...and I love that! He looks so happy. He looks like a great dad (because he is!). Brent treats me like a princess...I am so spoiled. And the son we made....he STILL takes my breath away. Its amazing how much I love the little boy. So much it actually makes my heart hurt somedays. No joke!

I live a very blessed life :)

I promise I will be doing some crafty posts again!

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