March 15, 2011

Day 2 Challenge

Time for Day 2 (we will ignore the fact I didn't post the other day) I'm terrible at blogging currently. I aim to get better LOL.

Day 2 is a picture of myself and how my day was

How sad is this? This is the last time I was in a picture taken...well except for making cookies not too long ago with my mom, sister, and aunt but they are all in the picture as well and I don't want to post it with them in it since I havent asked them.

My day has been going very well. It is almost 11am and Aiden is still my bed. He woke up super early and wouldn't go back to sleep. This whole Day-Light savings time isn't a parents friend at all. Poor guy..he will wake up and its lunch time. So I have taken the time to blog of course, pay some bills and clean up before he gets up.

I was up late last night catching up on The Bachelor...I always liked Emily! I'm glad she was the one but I don't like the things he said to Chantal O after the final rose....he thought it was nice to keep her to the end?! What?!?

1 comment:

Rachel W K said...

So glad I'm not the only one here who is obsessing with the bachelor! I actually really want him and Emily to work out! They're so cute! haha


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