January 11, 2011

Busy Busy!

Do you know how much I love pulling into my driveway seeing that sign?! Of course nothing is set in stone till the papers are signed but things are moving fast so it looks pretty good!! I blurred out all the info on there for privacy and because I didnt ask our realator to post his info :)

I also wanted to take the picture before all the snow came! We have about 4 inches right now and its still going!

Sorry for the lack of updates but my Etsy has been hit pretty hard with orders and custom orders and I am still working to get things out. One of the custom items I finished recently was a 7ft baby shower banner!

She wanted the colors: yellow, blue, pink and duck theme! I love the way it turned out!!

So now I am off to finish orders and try to start packing. Alot of people have asked us where we are going? Our next step is a rental place because honestly we didnt expect our house to sell so fast in the economy and also in the Winter and we will not settle on a house thats "ok" since alot people wait till Spring to post. We are also still looking into building and finding land thats afforadable to do that as well!! Exciting times for my family

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