December 3, 2010


Hey Everyone!
Happy December..can you really believe its December already!
Christmas is so much fun..especially with Mr. Aiden around. We put elf on a shelf out, advent wall hanging, oh and a black Christmas tree.... Dont worry in pictures it just looks dark green LOL. I do plan on having a tree in every room (maybe not the bathrooms or laundry room) ;) when I am older.
Here are some quick pictures of our tree in the computer/office room. All the ornaments are strictly red!

(remember this picture of Mr. Aiden when I continue below...)

Remember that pic up there. Mr Grabby Hands.
Well as of yesterday he pushed, yes pushed my tree over THREE TIMES!!! Every other day he has taken off countly ornaments and brought them to me, pulled on the garland string. This time ornaments were broken and the tree is pathetic looking LOL. (Thanks mom for picking up my extra ornaments yesterday!) So I think we will not be having a tree this year. We were even going to put up our large family one also.
At least the tree stayed up till December! LOL

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