December 7, 2010

Gingerbread Houses and banners

December seems to be flying righ on by! Since Mr. Aiden woke up at 6am..and it looks like no nap is in the future soon ( I could wish couldnt
So I wanted to blog real fast, share something I made today and I hope to wrap the Christmas gifts...all by NOON!

We went to Brents parents house not too long ago and we decorated gingerbread houses together. Here is Brent and mines:

and the aftermath.....
It was alot of fun. I havent decorated a gingerbread house since elementary school. Aiden of course ate all the m&m's...that is why I had to switch back and forth between sno caps and mm&s for my roof.
Here is the Merry Christmas banner I made this morning to decorate our entertainment center. We do have a fireplace/mantel but it is in arms reach of Mr. Aiden and well he and paper dont really seem to like each other ;)

In real life the letters can be read vey good. The flash likes to wash out white things. I didnt have time to take another picture either because I was at that point blocking Aidens view of Toy Story and he wasnt having that. I just love mornings where he wakes up super early...hes always so grumpy and fun to be around LOL.

Well I am off to fix an early lunch and get started on wrapping gifts!!

By the way...I can make this banner for your house as well. There is one listed in my Etsy store for purchase and its 20% off!!

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