December 16, 2010

Aiden-27 Months

My Sweet Aiden-
You are now 27 months!! Crazy I tell you. I can tell you are a growing boy, somedays you just "look" taller and more boyish looking. We have hit the terrible two stage and it occurs quite frequently..especially since we introduced the Christmas tree back this year. You have knocked the entire tree down many times, broken ornaments and throw things. Other times you are the sweetest little boy that runs up to us and gives us hugs and kisses.
The way you say my name melts my heart. Ma, Ma Mama. You say it so fast and so sweet...oh it melts my heart! You have picked up alot of words lately here are just a few that you say all the time:
Boo-for Blue
Wa Wa-water
Hill- for any mountains or hill you see
Woo Wee-Woody
No (this is your strongest word LOL)
alot more words but I cannot think of them right have been doing so well with your speech teacher and learning new things all the time!
Christmas is going to be a blast with you this month, you love find Scout our magic elf and love watching your Backyardignas Christmas movie and of course the tree. LOL
I love you so much Aiden..keep growing and making us laugh :)
Love, Ma Ma Mama

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