December 15, 2010

Christmas is next week!

Christmas is next week, no really it is! CRAZY I tell you.
We are pretty much done at my house..I just need to get a Starbucks gift card for an add on gift to make totals equal for someone. Other than that..I am finished!
Did you like the sneak peak of our new family photos we had taken right before Thanksgiving?! I love the way they turned out! We have over 500 pictures on our cd we received and let me tell you...its so hard to narrow it down and be able to purchase prints that I want LOL.
I had several custom orders last week/early this week that I needed to get out so now hopefully it calms down a little so that I can create cards. Have you missed seeing cards!? I cannot tell you the last time I actually sat down, colored and made a card (besides Christmas cards).
Here is an item that has done really well in my Etsy Store lately.
They are adorable 1x8" cello bags that hold smaller candies such as skittles or m&m's and even jelly beans. I need to start working on some of my Valentines Day images for these!

I probably wont have chance to show you a card (or even make one LOL) since Brent went to the Pacers game directly after its just me and Mr. Aiden all day/night and he is not so nice with my markers.
AND...were getting MORE SNOW and of course wouldnt you know it...we have another house showing tomorrow so Aiden, the cat and I have to load up and drive around in the inches of snow of ice we are suppose to get...on top of the snow that is left already. I am going insanse with all these house showings, especially in the winter. I just wish the house would sell or not until Spring you know...its so hard keeping the house clean with a 2 year old tornado around all day
*Keep fingers crossed!*

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