November 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

Hey Everyone!
Happy Sunday! I love Sunday's when we do not have alot going on...time to relax and usually clean up the house from letting it go on Friday night-Saturday night.
We had a busy day yesterday...we braved Toy R Us in a busy city...with them having 2 day mega sales...and everyone was there. I am pretty sure of that LOL. We got Aiden a few of his Christmas gifts and soon realized t hat this is probably going to be the last year we can do so with him with us....hes okay in the cart but when we get home he sees all his new boxes and wants them!
So far we are getting him so Dvd's, New Tricycle, Imaginext pieces, and still need a Zhu Zhu pet for him so he will have another one and then some stocking stuffers.
I have been busy working on orders..I feel like I have been saying this alot lately LOL.
Newest item in my shop
Toystory Cupcake Toppers

And I also made a custom card for Stephanie...her brother just got engaged to his gf and she wanted a card to send to them and wanted bling and Fall colors.

Well its time to get lunch ready so I need to get off here..but come back later for more!
Go Colts!

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