November 11, 2010

Aiden-26 Months

26 months?!?! I swear time doesnt stand still at all since you came into our lives. This will probably be a short one since you do not like mommy sitting at the computer when I could be playing with you ;)
You are up to 14 words that you say ALL the time now since we started First Steps. Im so proud of you!! You are becomming more and more vocal everyday. The cutest thing you say is for firetrucks or anything with flashing lights is HOT. It's so cute!!
At 26 months you:
  • still in size 4 diapers...still a skinny minny
  • almost eating again ;)
  • Have become obsessed with anything Toy Story
  • Love playing with all your Imaginext toys
  • Still love to color and draw
  • Still taking 2 hour naps...although they are kinda late now
  • Still not wanting to go to bed..but sleeping all night again
  • Such a help with laundry and the dishwasher every day
  • still love being outside..getting the mail is your favorite
  • figured out mommys scrapbooking tool the cuttlebug :)
  • has to jump off everything

Love you so much Aiden!

Love, mommy

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