October 23, 2010

Were back home!

Back home from Chicago!
Our trip FLEW by..wish we could have stayed longer but the hotel rates were killers on Magnificent Mile and the weather was suppose to be rainy anyways ;)
It was so fun to stay on the popular strip. All I have to say is I love all the new Coach purses that just came out and were walking distance from us lol.
We went to Chicago because I am now officially Copic Certified Intermediate!! It was so much fun and Marianne was there (she certified us) and all the regional instructors were there as well to take the class and be there. So many ladies who I blog stalk were there! It was so much fun and made me want to run home and color!!
While we were there we wanted to brave the Willis (Sears) Tower AGAIN..this time its because of the ledge they have added. 1,353 up and 4 foot over the city is what we braved!

It was so weird to first see the ledge...your body doesn't really want you to go out on it. Be we did brave it and it was such a weird/neat experience. Aiden wasn't sure what to think..scared mostly. I didn't really want to do it especially since they had one of them BLOCKED OFF and not being used...why?!? An accident or was it broken???? (I know they were probably cleaning it or something but still.........your mind starts to panic)
So we are back and ready for the weekend here. We had two house showing while we were there at the same times different days...maybe the same people?!?

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