October 16, 2010

Doesnt Feel like October!

Hey Everyone!
Happy Saturday! It sure doesnt feel like Fall here in Indiana yet. Its abou 70 degrees still. We have been really wanting to take Aiden to a pumpkin patch but it just doesnt feel right LOL.
Maybe it will get cooler here soon and we can get one before Halloween?!
We have been super busy this week and this weekend too I should say.
We have looked at several houses and one even had a panic room/bomb shelter down in the basement...it was pretty creepy!
Tomorror we are celebrating an early Halloween party with my family. Can you guess what Aiden is going to be this year??! He was a pirate last year!
I also have been busy working on custom orders on my Etsy. This time it seems like Barney cupcake toppers are the popular item. I have had two orders this week!!
Here is what they look like!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Check back soon as I hope to get some coloring in soon!!

1 comment:

Jan Hunnicutt said...

These are cute, I see why they're so popular!


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