September 25, 2010

Saturday Lazy Day

Hey Everyone,
Its the weekend!!! Finally!! I have been super busy that I feel like I just haven't had much time to do anything else..but..clean the house, drive around (waiting for house showings to be over) and keeping up with my Etsy orders.
I have been doing ALOT of custom work lately and I just want to show you my newest custom order which I am still working on. This party is for Ryleigh and she is turning 5 and loves Justin Bieber. I have the pleasure of making her:
Birthday Door Sign..if you cannot tell her colors are hot pink, black, white, and polka dots! Sounds like my scrap book room!

Smaller banner for front real life you can actually see the white letters on the white flash washed it out for some reason.

Banner 2 much larger to hang over cake area

I also created 20 bag toppers and cellophane bags for treat bags for her party

Here are the invitations. Very girly and lots of glitter!!!
I have shipped that box the invites can go out! I am still working on
  • 20 thank yous
  • handmade confetti..lots of :)
  • 20 pixie stick pinwheels

That box will go out Monday...or it better ;) We have an open house tomorrow and the Colts game so I am not sure where I will get ALOT of time will be a busy day for me today. I love it..I really do :)

Mr. Aiden and Brent are out garage selling (is that the word you would use?! It doesnt look right to me!)

Wonder if they will find any stamps?? Then its off to clean, clean, clean.

Come back soon to see more crafty goodness and have a great weekend!

Check out my Etsy store for cards, invites, necklaces and more!!

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