September 22, 2010

More custom work..

Hey Everyone,
Today has been a crazy busy day..well night whatever you want to call it as it is 1:30 in the morning here and I am just now finishing up some things. Not that I am complaining but my Etsy store has stepped up in business..its crazy!! Tonight I had to finish 20 more custom cupcake invites and I mailed some out this morning as well for another customer.
It seems like I get all custom orders at the same time :) LOL...isnt that how it works?!
I also want to show you something I am creating and selling in the store as well. I have stamped on these adorable white frosted glassine bags and created stickers for them to stay shut! Check them out here if you are interested in purchasing them!

Here are the newer custom cupcake invites I made for a lady. So much fun and when you open them up there is stamped who, what, where, etc stamped inside.

Arent those adorable..too bad I dont have a little girl to use them for lol.

I am also posting now because we have another house showing tomorrow night. They want to see the house from 7-8 PM, which I thought was kinda late but whatever they want :) you know how hard it is to keep the house clean with Mr. Aiden running around AND getting out of the house before they show up with Aiden and the cat who meows like crazy bc she thinks we are taking her to the vet lol...not a fun day. I really hope this one works out!! I am so happy though, we have been on the market for only 13 days and we have had some people look!! Not too bad. If you have some extra prayers...say one that our house sells pretty fast. Our neighbor is getting forelcosed on and it will bring our value down and we are already taking a loss on it :(

Have a great day!!

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