September 26, 2010

More Justin Bieber Work

Hey Everyone,
Am I really posting twice in a weekend?! Amazing. Today we had an open house so we were kicked out of the house for a little bit today so last night I stayed up till about 3am (I was SOO tired) to knock out the rest of my Etsy custom orders.
Here is what is going in my second shipment for Ryleigh's 5th Birthday party:
Keep in is a Justin Bieber (very popular singer right now, especially for little girls ;) )
20 Thank you's

I also made handmade glitter and hologram confetti..and let me tell you. I never thought this little bag would ever get full HAHA. Whew...I saved this for last and I was happy at 3am when I sealed the baggie shut to mail off :)
It is pretty cool though!!
20 of my fun pixie stick pinwheel party favors but featuring Justin on them. I used a fun pink glitter cardstock and used popdots to stick Justins face over the brad.

Again...I am loving the party designing aspect of crafting right now. Although on Friday I sold 14 cards to one lady on Etsy...that folks, is my record!! I was so excited LOL

Anways, during the open house we went and drove by some land we have been looking at. We just really need to make sure its not in a flood zone area because of the small creek the runs in the back that is linked to a large river here in Indiana that floods alot.

With our would flood

The rest of tonight has been kind of lazy. Its 60 degrees here and I love it!! Aiden looks so cute in his little jacket :) We got some KFC and watched the colts win the football I am ready to watch some Amazing race!! Have a great Sunday night!


Berenice R. said...

Such a nice projects! Thanks for sharing :)

Julie E said...

LOL!!! My 6 yo would love this!


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