September 10, 2010

Aidens TWO!

Hey Everyone!
Today is a little bittersweet for me.
2 years ago this was my life:
(Look at those cheeks...aww!)

1 year ago this was my life:

And here is my life today:

He really is my life. I love him so much. Actually I think I love him more each day..cheesy I know. Trust me we have our ups and downs especially now that he says No 24/7 and likes to throw things, but I wouldnt change it for the world.

I cannot believe Aiden is two...makes me cry thinking about it. I should be happy..hes a healthy, growing, stubborn 2 year old. TWO?!?!

At TWO Aiden:

  • wears 24 months/2T
  • Still in size 4 diapers
  • Loves swimming but doesnt care too much for baths right now..go figure!
  • Has to sit on mommy's lap every time I am on the computer
  • Still loves to give kisses and hugs, but I usually have to ask twice now for them :(
  • Still taking one nap..although we went 4 days without one and it didnt bother you....however I was another story ;)
  • Loves being outside and pretending to drive my car
  • Still loves Backyardigans, Blues Clues, Yo gabba gabba and some Wonder Pets
  • Picky Picky eater
  • Still loooves animals. He went to the zoo for the first time in Chicago and LOOOOOVED it!

I love him so much! Cannot wait for his party on Saturday.....I have to go bake the cake now!

*More crafty pics coming later....


Wendy T. Gibson said...

Congratulations, and happy birthday Aiden! He's adorable, Ashley! I guess it's true about them growing up fast!

Hestia's Helper said...

He is adorable!
I wish I had done this 9 years ago!
My oldest is now 9 and the "Baby" is 8... and I just "found" scrapping 9 months ago... now sorting thru 9 years' worth of pictures and trying to put memories with them is SO hard!
Keep at it, because you will CHERISH every word you have written in the years to come! Believe me! Written by a mom who didn't... and regrets it...


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