June 13, 2010

Aiden-21 Months


At 21 months you are so much fun! You are really getting a personality now. Your favorite word right now happens to be NO..and you say it so cute its hard not to get frustrated ;)

You still love your backyardigans, in fact that is the theme we have decided for your SECOND birthday. I cannot believe you will be 2 in a few months. You still love to give mommy and daddy lots of kisses and hugs. You are back to loving the bath again, although you want the faucet turned on all the time, the entire bath! You always are getting your shoes and bringing them to me so I can take you outside. Your biggest thing to do now is jumping and climbing off ANYTHING that you can reach.

-Now are officially in size 4 diapers
-OFF THE BOTTLE FOR GOOD!! And have been for awhile.
-Overall still a great sleeper and still taking one nap a day
-Getting at least 4 more teeth in
-Love being outside
-Love playing with your new water table
-Not eating like you did last month
-Still in 24months/2T
-Had to buy you both new sandals and tennis shoes. They were 5.5W and now you wear a 7W.WOW!! You will have big feet like daddy!
-Still love reading books

I love you
Love, Mommy

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