June 11, 2010

Jumbo Paper Clips

Have you seen those BIG paper clips at Staples and office max??? I think they are called Super Jumbo clips....but I KNEW I wanted to create something with them for my craft show tomorrow.

I decorated them and decided to shoot a video on it as well ;)

Of course..my voice sounds echo'y (how do you spell that word..is it a word?LOL) because I am downstairs in my kitchen area since Aiden was taking a nap and I had some things I needed to get done without the risk of waking him up.

To be honest...I am almost going to be relieved when this craft show is over and the next one isnt till November. This has been a stressful thing. It could be a bust..I could be the only handmade booth there or not sell anything or the other way around...run out of stuff. It will be nice to actually have some time again to do things and see Brent and Aiden lol

Here is the video...I hope everyone has a great Friday!!

1 comment:

Julie E said...

Good luck! Regardless of the outcome it will be a learning experience :>)


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