May 18, 2010

Over 200 Balloons?! read that right..OVER 200 balloons and a special helper and I now have a fun wreath.

I am watching my nephew Carson for two days and I had to pick him up pretty early so my sister could get to work on time. Aiden was super cranky by noon from being up all he took a nap and Carson and I had craft time.

I was reading on a crafty blog where they made a wreath like this. I plan on putting it out in March (My bday), July (Brents), and September (for Aidens). I am all about creating traditions for Aiden to remember his childhood by (especially at Christmas!). This was super fun, pretty fast (we were done by 2 and I had a 3 year old helper)

Supplies Needed:
-Straw Wreath (keep the plastic on)
-Greening Pins (found in floral area of craft store)
-Tons of balloons-standard size (this is the most expensive part. I used 8 bags of 25 but could easily put more one!)
I used an 18" wreath

Here are my supplies (I found a case of greening pins for only 13.00) Couldn't resist..I plan on making some of these for my craft show anyways.

Just start putting the balloons on around the wreath. To help keep balloon cost down..designate an area that is the top..that way you can hold it up and see how that side will hang on your door.

Hold pin and slide balloon in between half way

just stick it in wreath till the ends are flush and into the wreath

This was so fun to do with Carson..if he can do it..anyone can! He really did help me with the whole thing and I only had to take out a few. ;)

Except I am the aunt that wants him to continue each time I asked him what color the balloon was lol

The After-

Here is a close hang it outside just use a door wreath holder OR I already have a nail in my door so I just used the greening pin..stuck it all the way in and the nail catches the top of it and it hangs!!

Its so bright and pretty!! Well I need to get off here and get lunch ready for the boys!


MiamiKel said...

Now THAT is cute!!!! What a wonderful idea :) LOVE your helper, what a cutie!!!! And Ash .... I think you new a few toys, lolol! I'm cracking up at your background - it looks like MY HOUSE! LOL!!!! Toys, toys, and more toys ..... lol!

Scrappin Ashley said...

Lol-Thanks Kelly...normally the toys arent so obvious that Aiden is spoiled..but when I have both get thrown everywhere pretty much!

Julie E said...

Super cute idea! Yep, I noticed the background too - LOL!!! I have 3 kiddos, so just imagine what mine looks like.

Tanvi Kapur said...

loooooooooove this one ash ! soo much fun, and colour and what a riot ! i'm sure the boys had truck loads of fun with this one...


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