May 17, 2010

Custom Order on Etsy

I love being able to sell my cards online via Etsy...its weird to think about my cards being all over the United States and Canada...none out of the country (yet! lol) I love it!!! A sweet lady contacted me via my Etsy and needed a custom card made to celebrate a little boys FIRST birthday!!

How neat is that...I am apart of someones special memories...the little boys theme is turtles so of course I had to go all out. I added embroidery thread to the balloon brads to make the turtle appear to be holding them in his mouth. I also used flower soft for grass. Turtle has blue glitter on the hearts on his shell.

Its another rainy morning and I plan on just working on some more items for my craft show...maybe I will shoot another video of me doing them. I just made a mini chocolate survival kit...they are adorable and have pattern paper on top!!

Tomorrow and Wednesday I get to watch my nephew (hes 3)...Aiden is going to be excited..and house will look like a tornado of little boys came through LOL.

Have a great Monday!


Rhonda Miller said...

What a great card. I love all the sparkle.

Paula said...

Love the cards and will be checking out all your inventory. I do custom embroidery but love getting ideas from different sources



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