March 11, 2010

Inktegrity Sketch Challenge TWO!

Hey Everyone!

Ready for this weeks Inktegrity sketch?!? Here is the sketch for your inspiration

-The stars can be ANY embellishment or anything you want..doesnt have to be stars!!

Here is my card. I love this fun to color. This time I made the bunny grey with my copics and pinkish ears. I also glittered his little tummy with pink glitter. SO fun!

Wanna play along with us? Just go here and post your name and url to the card!

Today was a busy day today...I went to my moms and I always have fun.

We went to Nashville today and was able to beat the rain (YAY)....we had a great lunch and did some shopping.

My mom and I were so excited when we went into an adorable shop that carried alot of the Pimitive items...and this!

*Picture is not of my bathroom..image is from Piper Classics* :)

We had ordered several i tems from Piper classics and I always wanted to order this but shipping is kinda high and didnt know what it looked like in person and this store had 4 of them! 2 for my house and 2 for my moms.
what is it?!
Its called a tank is the link at an online store. It holds 2 extra rolls of toilet paper and a sqaure box of tissues in there! How cool is that! Its so pretty in real life and its a blessing especially for our downstairs bathroom..which is where people always go to the bathroom and there isnt a nice place to hide extra toilet paper.

Well sorry for the rambling..but its a cool product! Time to go watch the survivor we DVR'd tonight...see you tomorrow :)

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