February 10, 2010

Computer Skills?

Its after midnight so I guess techincally its a new day...Wednesday! Brent is in the living room watching the DVR'd game of Purdue and Michigan State (GO Purdue!!) and I am in one of those moods where I want to be creative but I dont really want to have to go in my room, clean up my mess from last night and start creating...especially at midnight when we are going to bed soon lol. So I stayed here at the computer and decided to "revamp" my blog header (picture at the top that says my blog name.....it looked like this yesterday:

And now if you noticed...it looks like this

I LOVE it and I am so proud!! I have mentioned before that we got a new computer for downstairs and all my photoshops were on the old one and I havent had time to upload it all on it..plus I love how fast this computer is without all those programs. SO yes...I did this without my photoshop and with GIMP. Now I know there are TONS of people who are thinking, Oh wow..shes excited on THAT work...be quiet and let me enjoy this moment lol. I love how I added a family picture to my header this time...makes it more personal!!

I have been super busy..I want to say today but really it was yesterday (are you confused yet?!). I created a layout for the Memory Makers Book Call. I am excited..hopefully they like it

Sadly I am not able to show the page or upload it anywhere until they say yes or no...but its cute I promise.I could be a bit biased though since it does have my cute hubby and my adorable son in the pics.

We got another 3 inches of snow today...I LOVE watching it fall down and so does Aiden, we probably stayed by the window for a total of 2 hours today watching it fall down and watching our neighbor shovel his driveway...Fun times I tell you as a SAHM lol. Well Im gonna get off here and go clean up a little before bed. Have a great night/morning...depending on when you are reading this :)

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