January 6, 2010

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

After my grandma made my curtains for my wonderful scrapbook room (thank you again grandma!) I had a ton of fabric left over and let me tell you...it will not go to waste in my room. I have some plans for it since I LOVE the design.

On my list to make:
  • wall outlet and light switch covers
  • pillows
  • tissue box cover
  • perhaps a teddy bear

And whatever else my come to mind!

But for my next video I did one on how to cover those outlet and light switch plates that I have in my room. Super easy and you dont hardly need anything at all....except the fabric scrap, glue, and the light switch cover oh and a pair of scissors!

I also will have alot more time as today my manager called me at the scrapbooking store I work out and I had to be "let go" today because apparently corporate doesnt agree with me just working on Mondays anymore.

Aiden is my top priority. He is my reason I am okay with this or else I would break down (I know I know..its a part time job BUT..I have never been let go from a job in my entire life)

Its also kinda bittersweet..for the first time in my life I am technically unemployed (I wish we got paid to be SAHM's haha). Its kinda scary..what happens if we need extra money, what happens if something happens to Brent or his job???

Anyways..so I guess from my post below my 2010 year was REIVENT and Im doing it..starting today! I am going to embrace my blessed life and take this journey day by day.

ANYWAYS....We are suppose to get some snow tonight and up until Friday. For once I was prepared and got food on Monday and not like the crazy people here that panic and go and get 232 jugs of milk and water at the last minute lol....

I will have to come back and post the video...we got a new computer and my videos are on the old one...be back shortly!

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PamB said...

Ashley, can't believe that they had let you go like that. I wouldn't worry about extra income, you are very creative and I am sure you can come up with some ways to make extra income! :D Can't wait to see the pics of what you have created with the extra fabric. Have you gotten your scraproom done yet? And I see you had decided on a computer... Did you get a mac? Hang in there and enjoy your time with Aiden, they do grow up so fast.


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