January 8, 2010

Video 13

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick post with video 13 on it...we are in the process of getting new computers (well..I get the older computer as I got a brand new HP Netbook) and all my videos were saved to an external hard drive and blah blah blah ;)

The most important thing...is that its uploaded and ready to watch and hopefully inspire :)

I have gotten some emails about why I do youtube for some and vimeo for others. To be completely honest, I LOVE vimeo. Its so much faster and I do not get a time limit just megabyte limits before you have to purchase the pro status...which I do not need currently with the amount and lengths I do right now.

Youtube is great because I have alot of subscribers (people who want to be notified when I have a new video up), I have a good rating on youtube, and people usually use youtube...however the videos MUST be 10 min or shorter..and when you add the "welcome screen" and "thank you for watching" screen..it really doesnt leave you much time to show my projects.

Anyways...I cannot wait to post here again and show you the timeout chair I altered for Aiden...yes....I know what youre thinking..Mr. Aiden needs a time out chair?!

Shocking I know...but yes Aiden does in fact need to have this chair...not really right now but when hes a little older...trust me..he loves to push buttons..including my buttons, the computer buttons, camera buttons, tv and tv remote buttons on so on ;)

Enjoy the video!

Video 13 from Scrappin Ashley on Vimeo.

I also added my facebook badge...add me if you have facebook!!! You can see my adorable Mr. Aiden pics?!?

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