January 19, 2010

Creating a Sidewalk (The easy way)

So we're back from the casino...Brent lost...I lost everything and was down to .30 and then I won all of mine back lol. So we called it quits and went to sleep. We had alot of fun and it was so nice to sleep...to finally sleep...and not worry about Aiden and thinking "is he ok?, When is he getting up," and things like that.

I also sold several things at my Etsy shop when we were gone, which worked out perfectly because I like to ship that day or the next and mail didnt run yesterday so I got them out ASAP! Hopefully I can make more things today since Brent is off work again today (YAY)

My next video is almost a 2 part series. I start off with an image and create a sidewalk in my first video and then with my next post I will show the coloring of the image and the card making finished look! Here is the card:

(click to make bigger)

such a cute stamp..and it was only $1.oo!! Those dollar stamps get me in trouble because before you know it...Im up to $20.00 in DOLLAR stamps haha.

I also made this adorable card with some of the dollar stamps from Michaels and some of my Valentines Day paper scraps I had left over from making that Coupon Book of mine
(Click to make bigger, again)

I am totally loving anything zebra print..If I didnt do my room in the damask theme..zebra would have won after that theme. lol.

Okay well I gotta go enjoy the day with Aiden and Brent since its back to work for him tomorrow. Enjoy the video and add me as a subscriber on youtube (Ive had this video up since yesterday..so you get to see them first if you subscribe!!)

Thanks for watching :)

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