January 17, 2010

Hope were lucky today!!

Hey There...hope everyone is have a good weekend. I cannot believe its Sunday already

I just wanted to do another post before we left for the Casino. I recieved a free room and we have not been in a long time (hence the free room lol) and they let me use it this weekend. Hope were lucky tonight!! You have to go in with the mindset that its okay to lose the money you are gambling..hopefully that way of thinking works for tonight!

Aiden will be going to his grandmas..hes excited!! We were up kinda late because we had to watch the Colts WIN the game last night...go colts!!

I have been recording alot of videos for my blog..it has been such fun! To be honest, I would rather do videos than just type sometimes lol. I also have been adding stuff like crazy to my Etsy shop...check it out for inspiration or if you dont have time to make cards.

Its weird because tomorrow I should work ( For those of you just coming to my site--I just worked Mondays at a larger known scrapbook store bc my hubby has mondays off) and they let me go because I couldnt work weekends. So...we dont have to rush and be anywhere tomorrow. Its weird...but oh so nice lol

Here is video 15 which is on vimeo (bc its over 10 min length) its about Tim Holtz Grungeboard and Glimmer Mist...check it out!

Video 15 from Scrappin Ashley on Vimeo.

Have a great weekend..whats left of it!!

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