January 27, 2010

Altering an old chair

Aiden is getting to that age where he KNOWS what he wants and he BETTER get it or else mommy and daddy are going to pay for it......

Yes...he is starting to throw little tantrums and cry and shake his head no over and over....its almost hard not to laugh at him but thats the attention he wants oh and whatever other object hes not allowed to have.

He is getting braver each day. He is know climbing on things like our kitchen chairs....he can scoot them out and climb them...problem is he cant get off...yet

Today I thought I solved the problem. We have 4 chairs at the kitchen and he kept climbing up on only the same one so I put it in the bathroom so out of sight out of mind. It was going great until a few minutes I heard his "whine that tells me hes somewhere and is stuck"..he had climbed on one that was shoved as far as it could under the table and was stuck basically crouched down under the table. Again. very hard not to laugh....we then decided it was nap time

I can only hope he forgets those darn kitchen chairs when he wakes back up.

So back to my blog post reason lol...our neighbor was throwing out a small little tikes chair because his two girls are too old for it. I guess the other one never made it out of the house in one piece lol...but the chair was kinda beat up cosmetic wise. It was still sturdy and oh so little so we took it off his hands or should I say the garbage mans hands.

We created a time out chair for Mr. Aiden

How cute is that??? We had some extra paint left over (blue is from our bedroom and the green is from his) and it can work in the future for any little girls we are blessed with (hopefully!) I then hand painted a clock onto the seat of the chair and used my cricut to cut black vinyl lettering for the "Time Out" part. I love it and it fits perfectly in our kitchen and close by where we usually are. We have had to use it a little..but not very much.

I think Aiden likes it..hes climbed on it and couldnt get off it for a few times but I think he still wants his time out chair to be this one..

Aiden: Please mommy let this be the time out chair. I promise Ill be good
Mommy: Im sorry Aiden but I think you would always get in trouble just to never have to leave the chair....the wooden chair stays as the time out chair Aiden
Aiden: But mom............
That would be the conversation if he could talk...I just know it lol
Speaking of Aiden I hear him talking and ready to get out of the crib.

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