December 7, 2009

What a good weekend..

Sorry for the boring posts lately...but its been sad here..Since I am still working on my room (hey..I want it to be perfect!!) I havent done ANYTHING crafty lately except make some wall decor for my new scrapbook room.

If you read my blog all the time then you noticed that some of my things to do down below in last post are marked out!! YAY!!!

I really need to get a move on my Christmas cards. Last year I was done in August..not these babies.

I tell everyone I am probably going to h*ll because I HATE HATE HATE this yeards was gorgeous when I saw it but done with it. It is a stamp of mary and joseph and the stable...when he was born...yes I am going to a very bad place for hating these cards. Brent has made fun of me already because I have tried to "bling" these babies out as much as I can. Mary is wearing a purple sparkley robe...and the bricks have brown MS glitter on them...and I used a gold leafing pen all over them I am know your all dying to see them!! Perhaos that can be another days post haha.

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