December 3, 2009

Almost ready..

That's right....I am almost ready to show you my brand new and very PINK room.

I still have to get the chandelier pictured below, have my grandma make the curtains, get some frames and thats about it. I tried some vinyl the other day and put it on an old lampshade I had in my bedroom when I lived with my parents and it looks great with the damask theme on it!!

Here is my note to myself for my room:
  • Paint new scrapbook racks (Thanks mom...I love the early bday gift!!)
  • Get a clock for the table or wall (if room)
  • Buy fabric with 50% coupon and make curtains
  • Perhaps cover an old pillow with leftover fabric
  • Create more cricut vinyl for above door
  • Buy 2 black 5x7 frames for damask vinyl
  • Buy 2 8x10 black frames for damask vinyl
  • Buy and hang chandelier..actually beg Brent to hang it up for me ;)

I promise I will do another video soon...but it will probably have to be after my room looks decent. Right now our upstairs is SO trashed its not even funny. We have a mattress, broken down bed, dresser, all the exercise machines, and junk everywhere that was in the scrapbook room.

Today I went to my moms to meet up with mom, aunt, and my grandma to bake Christmas sugar cookies and of course decorate them!! It was a blast and Aiden LOVES them lol..its cute really. Okay well I need to go package up some stuff I sold from Etsy and some Copics.

By the way..I am selling really fast with all my copic merchandise....I really dont think by Jan I will have any product left...its crazy!! I will not be placing another order till after Christmas though so if there is something you want for Christmas let me know

I only have 2 sets of 72B and one is actually pending for someone in France.

Only one set of glitter pens left...set A

Probably only 150 free markers left...I have a great deal on Ebay im running to create your own set of 12!! Its been successful and I am getting rid of some loose markers (it seems like everyone wants the same colors) so I was left with alot of other colors.

I am not quitting selling markers..I just really want to sell my loose markers because I dont want to keep them in my house close to a year... I only want fresh and new products for my customers. Plus they need to be in loving homes not in my scrapbook room/office lol

Have a good night everyone!!

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