November 28, 2009

The time has come..

Yes, you read that right. The time has come for me to move my scrapbook stuff into a smaller bedroom area rather than the large, open, spacious upstairs loft that I have taken over since 2005'ish.

I am sad. Aiden keeps tearing up everything within reach...and trust me hes getting taller each day ;)

Its only fair for him..he will have this HUGE playroom and we will have an exercise room again.

However, Brent does spoil me and told me to create the room I wanted :)

We bought pink paint tonight.....some awesome Damask wall art, beautiful damask picture and Im hoping my grandma feels crafty and nice and wants to help with Damask curtains?!?!? Shes so good at that stuff.

This is the color of the paint haha..I love it..its called Sugar n Spice Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE girly, bling, pink, and go all out!! Brent and the guy mixing the paint were making fun of the color...not sure why do you?! ;) Brent told me not to worry about running out because the whole gallon is ALL mine..isnt he thoughtful haha

To make this room even more special Brent told me for my Bday(which isnt till March..but I NEED this NOW ha) I can have this baby: I just gotta order it Monday morning

wow...I am in love haha. So yah I am totally blinging this spare bedroom out. So that means I wont be having any more adorable babies till we move out of this house...because I am not sure I will want to give this up!! (I am kidding everyone...I would be blessed if we accidently got preggo and couldnt wait to give up my scrapbook room)
But hey....what if the baby would be a girl?!? What girl wouldnt want a pink room with a cool chandelier???! Okay well we gotta go start painting..I will post progress pics!
By the way to everyone who knows me in real life: This was not a hint...I am NOT , I repeat NOT pregnant. Have a good night and check back soon for a video!!

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