December 15, 2009

11:34pm blog hasnt been filled with pics lately. I just dont have alot of time right now with the holidays coming up.

Brent has been working alot and I am home alone with Aiden from basically 7ish when Brent leaves in the morning till about 1:30am when he comes back home....I Hate days like this. Dont get me wrong I love aiden to pieces but sometimes I just really need a break...or have the luxary to go to the bathroom without him right there lol....hes too precious though.

Speaking of Aiden...its 11:30ish and I hes already to bed *knock on wood*...lately he hasnt been wanting to go to bed and last night was one of them...he has his shots for his 15th month apt...poor thing. Hes healthy (thank you god for a healthy baby!) and is back to 75% for head and height...but STILL only 5% weight........hes a skinny little thing but tall! Doctor wasnt concerned because hes still growing, still eating, and hes always been a skinny minnie.

Perhaps I should get off here and go upload my new video! Yes you read that right...GASP I did a video lol...........come back soon!

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Tracy said...

hmmmm what to say from one mamma to another!! I feel your pain!! I have two young ones and it is true, there is not alot of "me" time! I completely understand what you mean! Days can be long...and it isn't like we love our kids any less but they are still long days! Have a wonderful Christmas!


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