December 22, 2009

Ready for Christmas..

I am SO ready for has always been my favorite holiday, especially when I was younger.

But now that I am growing up I realize how I want to create SO many traditions for Aiden that I know he will think I am the dorkiest mom ever (dont all kids think that though?!)

Aiden is so obsessed with anything to do with Christmas...especially trees with lights and lights outside. We actually drive around the neighborhood and the best ones get "ohhhhhs" and the houses that only half did it get nothing..its quite cute!

I am happy to say that I am 98% ready for Christmas..I just need to put tags on Aidens gift, but hey I do have them handmade, glittered, and ready to go! I also need to go through the 3290 bags of gifts and make sure they ended up in the right pile...could you imagine??

Here is video 10. I also have video 11 ready to go and its on my scrapbook room!!! YAY I went ahead and did a video tour even though its not ready completely yet (I blame Aiden and lack of time haha)

If I do not post before Christmas Eve (when I celebrate with my family) than I wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And remember why we celebrate Christmas, even if you LOVE that new ipod.

Scrappin Ashley Video 10 from Scrappin Ashley on Vimeo.

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