December 29, 2009

Pamplona Purple

What a crazy title huh...I am tired (its almost midnight here) and I dont have much creativity in me to come up with a catchy blog title lol. So...I am here waiting for the hubby to get off work, Aidens in bed, so I decided to bust out my new OPI nailpolish...called Pamplona Purple. My mom gave it to me for one of my Christmas gifts and its such a fun color!!

I am too tired to take a picture of my own hand haha so here is picture of the color. I love it!! Brightens up winter and looks great with black and grey coloring of clothing!

Speaking of Christmas, I cannot believe it is gone already...I hate it. I hate taking down all my adorable decorations. I really believe Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate my house with! Plus I got some cool 12 days of Christmas ornaments from my mom and I bought a clearance tree after the holidays and clearance Wilton mini cookie cutters so next year I will have a tree in my kitchen with mini cookie cutter ornaments..I cannnot wait!!

We had an amazing holiday...except for traveling. I really shouldnt complain because we did not go out of state or anything but it makes the holidays not as fun when we have to rush off to make everyone happy and see both sides of the family. I had to miss my families Christmas lunch, which I was sad about but I didnt want to make Brent sad by not going to his grandpas on time.

Aiden was spoiled (so were we!) He got alot of goodies, in fact I think he has taken over every single space in this house and probably could in a larger house as well haha.

One of my gifts was my chandelier!! Its so beautiful and was a pain to hang (thank you brent!)
I also got a nice Sony Camcorder..but sadly its going back to best buy tomorrow. I think its too high tech for what I want (which is around the house and uploading to youtube. Its so a high tech one, (AVCHD) that I cannot use any of my software to edit and nothing on my computer plays how it records and I dont have blu-ray and wont for a while. So when I spend almost 2 hours converting it and putting it on youtube...the quality is so terrible because its not made to go that slow.

Here is the video of my scrapbook room if you dare lol. I will get another camcorder hopefully tomorrow and will take another video. You can still see things in the video its just kinda grainy.


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PamB said...

Didn't realize that you had a video on here before I had posted on the other update. WOW!!! Love the new room. Can I come over and play? I really need to get my stuff organized. Love the colors too. :D


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