November 9, 2009

Time is flying by and it makes me sad

Where oh where do the days go???

Someone once told me that after you start having kids that time just FLIES by. Its true. I admit feels like Aiden was just born a few weeks ago. Dont get me wrong...I LOVE LOVE LOVE how big he is now and the things hes learning...but I dont want time to go so fast!

Plus I enjoy being in my twenties...It feels like everything is going on track. Paying down bills, getting out of debt (thankyou oh so friendly college loans.BOO on YOU), raising a family, spending more time with my family, being happily married. Life just works now and I love it :)

p.s. I promise to save enough $$$ that Aiden will NEVER need student loans and be in so much debt for 20-30 years paying it off s l o w l y. Well, unless he wants to be a DR....then he might need some but will be rich hopefully and pay them off...and mommys too haha JK ;)

I have had this video done since Halloween...sorry I have been so slow posting it. I have been busy making things for a craft fair...look for pictures soon! Off to bed...enjoy my video!

Here is the BEFORE photo of altered album:

Here is the AFTER photo:

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