November 16, 2009

Monday Already?! it really Monday already?!? I hate weekends that fly by! I am writing this just after we got done watching the Colts and Patriots game....I even admit to watching it and getting excited for them at the last min or 2 ;)

Havent had any time to make another video...perhaps Wednesday when Aiden is playing at his grandmas house?

Tonight I have almost finised my Christmas shopping...theres only 1 person so far we dont have any clues for but others are done or will be done! Can you believe Christmas is here SOON??

I have been so busy filling a card order from my etsy account, selling Copics :) and making cards for a craft show!

Sorry I dont have anything crafty to show you...maybe Ill post more later so I guess your stuck seeing a picture of my cutie for the time only fits since the colts won!

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