November 18, 2009

Scrapbooking and makin videos

Hey everyone...

Today is Wednesday...know what that means?!? I had a little bit of free time so I decided to make some videos for my site!! I actually was able to record video 8 and 9 tonight!! 8 is kinda its being broken into 2 small videos as we speak and getting uploaded and processed on you tube. I will probably be able to post it tomorrow during Aidens nap (that is..if he thinks he needs one lol)

Its alot of work to create a video....I would say it takes a couple of hours from starting to record the video to processing it! WOW..but I love it...
So to tide you guys over and keep you all coming back (thankyou!) I have a layout picture to show you that I created last night. Lately my pages are kinda simple since I do not get alot of free time to create anymore.

I love this page...the colors...the cutie on the page ;) Page reads" how? did I get so lucky to be your mommy......paper is bobunny!
Also I want to show you an adorable find at Target (that store gets me in trouble EVERY time) Its a replica of the old time candy store containers.....Ever since I was preggo with Aiden I had to have chocolate ALL the time...unfortuantely that has stayed lol so I needed a cute container. Plus the lid clinks and makes a noise everytime you open it making your brain think "should u be doing this?" Its so cute and it was like $5.00...even better!!
*Please note: Today there is not that much candy in the jar as pictured..picture was taken a couple of days ago....
Okay well I have to get my stuff ready for the second craft show!! Wish me luck..I could use some extra Christmas $$$$$$$$$.
Goodnight and check back tomorrow for the video!

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