November 5, 2009

Video 6 Time!

Hey Everyone,

I feel like I havent updated in awhile. Halloween was busy for us and Aiden looked adorable in his pirate costume. I cannot believe he left it on for so long..he even rode the 30 min drive with it on!! Next year might be a different story when hes 2 though....

I am sick..once again...this time its just a head if you talk to me over the phone and dont recognize me...its me I promise lol.

I am still having the sale on the Copic sets. I will also be putting in a special order for refills soon from Copic so if you want anything special or sketch markers instead of the would be a perfect time to place an its here for Christmas!!

Here is my video 6...its putting together the get well soon riley...haha looks like I could finally give it to someone...MYSELF haha....enjoy the video and keep checking back because I have 7 ready to upload and its a different type of project!

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