November 23, 2009

Dr Apt.

EDIT---His fever came back as we started putting him to bed :(

Well as promised I am here to update on Aiden.

The response on facebook and people even calling and texting to see how Aiden is has been so appreciated! I could not even imagine all the support I recieved when I was freaking out on facebook this morning around 3am because Aiden sounded terrible, had a HIGH fever, and was SO SO SO tired but couldnt sleep.

I had a dentist cleaning apt at 9:40 and I left with Aiden still asleep..he finally fell asleep around 4:30am. I got home around 11ish and he had just woken up. Brent claimed he probably wasnt ready to wake up but did anways. His fever was down and we could get him to eat a little lunch and drink his juice. He still has the most awful sounding cough and had trouble breathing normally earlier so I called the Dr and they couldnt get him until 4pm. He has a terrible case of croup, which I guess is going around here bad and can get quite awful. We are suppose to let him be in the bathroom when we run a hot shower (for steam), keep him hydrated, and take him outside (bundled of course) to breathe in the cold air.

I was so worried it was H1N1 or pnemonia (spelling?!). I would have felt so guilty if I didnt take him to the Dr and something more terrible was wrong. Lets hope were all A OK by Thanksgiving!!!

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