November 22, 2009

I hope hes not sick..

Hey There,

Another weekend that has flown by. I was suppose to go to an all weekend scrapbook retreat, but that didnt happen :( So instead I went shopping with my mom, sister, and grandma. It was so much fun. Went to two malls and got Christmas done for 2 people! YAY! I did really well with staying in my "focus" on only Christmas presents. Brent and I really want to get a new house sooner than later and we are watching our spending and pay off some bills (car payments, student loans, my silly credit card that I used for some school...YUCKY lol)

But now I am sitting here worried. When we went to lunch today Aiden woke up feeling hot and flushed cheeks but was acting okay. But tonight he had a fever of 102.4 and it is slowly coming down but still in 101's. He has a terrible deep seal like cough, runny nose, just a little irritable, really sleepy. Poor thing. I am still the paranoid first time mom so my first though was H1N1. We will see how he does through the night..probably wont get much sleep in since he just wants to be held.

Here is the next video. Its on vimeo instead of youtube this time since its a little over 10 min or os. Sorry Im not really introducing it but Im worried about Aiden. Keep you posted.

Video 9 Scrappin Ashley My Timeless Template from Scrappin Ashley on Vimeo.

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