October 25, 2009

Video 4---Early Halloween for us..

Hello Everyone,

Can you believe the weekend is already over...where or where did time go?!
We had such an eventful weekend..lots of family time :)

Saturday- we all went to the Indiana Railway in French Lick for a 2 hour train ride that had a robbery on it (it was planned..not an actual one haha) It was so much fun!! Aiden did SO SO SO SO SO (can you tell how well he did lol) GOOD!!!!!! NO crying except a little whining when we went through a dark tunnel and it lasted for at least 1 min or two..pitch black! I was so happy I got out and did something since I had to miss scrapbooking with the girls (boo!)

Sunday- Brent had to work so tonight my side of the family celebrated Halloween a little early...Aiden was the cutest pirate! My nephew was an adorable cowboy..too bad he was crying...I think he has caught that sick bug..poor thing..and my cousin Katie was Cleopatra..very pretty!! Wasnt there for too long and now were home waiting on Brent to come home to end the weekend :(

I did get another video done...all about treasure making! What do you think of Vimeo??

Video 4 from Scrappin Ashley on Vimeo.

Ill post pics later of my cute pirate :)

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