October 28, 2009

Get Well Soon--Riley

I finally did a video 5...arent you proud?! YAY! This time its using Riley (yes...AGAIN haha) and my copics of course...check it out if youre bored and look for video 6 soon...it will probably be transforming him into a fun card :)

Today was utterly embarrasing for me....I did the biggest wipeout today in a BUSY BUSY parking lot. I was wearing my stupid heels, had my huge coach purse, my drink in my hand, and running late and I totally wiped out. However, I must say myself it was kinda graceful (if thats possible when falling on ur butt) but my right leg NEVER touched the pavement..it looked like I was doing a lunge. AND just for the record..my drink didnt spill ;) I really just hope that huge white bus didnt have anyone in there.

so now my knee looks terrrible..sorry no pics of that one coming on here soon lol.

Thats all I have for now....Im embarassed lol..goodnight!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok! I'm sure you have a great dh to take care of you!


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