October 23, 2009

Video 3 Post!

Hello or should I say TGIF!!!!

I am so excited for this weekend because A.) We have all started feeling a little better B.) Trying to go on a train ride this weekend C.) Some scrapping time!!!

Could it get any better?! I just want to let you know before I post this next video..you have to bare with me I am trying out a new site called Vimeo.com and it is just like youtube but you get 500MB a week and there is NO time limit unlike YouTube. They will only let you do 10 min and I like to talk so it looks like my videos are going over it :(

So just let me know if its okay to watch them on there..the quality isnt great or the best but you can still see whats going on!

Video 3 from Scrappin Ashley on Vimeo.

So I hope you like the video..this time its putting together a card. I already have the next video done and ready to post!!! Perhaps later this weekend?

I will post more later...I need to go scrapbook and enjoy my Friday night!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Much better quality than the you tube videos!! Love it!! Great job!


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