October 21, 2009

Mudd Puddles Demo

Hello Again,

I have gotten alot of great emails and facebook messages from people giving me GREAT feedback on my videos!! I had a blast doing it so heres another one :)

This video is demo'ing a new product that my mom and I recently got at a LSS here in Indiana. It is SO much fun to work with and I can see alot of use with it since we have little boys in our family (sand, dirt) and because I LOVE the beach. Are you confused to what it is........check out the video and please let me know anything else you would like demo'd.

What did you think?? Neat product huh. Look for a sample coming soon with that stamped image and put together.

I am starting to feel a little better. I have had a small fever again all day which isnt fun because you get really hot and then really cold and taking care of a VERY active 13 month old doesnt help at all. Luckily he took a 2 hr nap for me today and I have to admit...I took a little nap as well ;)

Check back tomorrow for card that I made using the Witch Riley stamp I colored for you in my first video!
Have a good night and try to catch the meteor shower!!

1 comment:

PamB said...

I wished that I had seen this stuff when doing my brother's announcements. :D


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