July 15, 2009

I'll be happy....

I will be happy in a week or two when things start to calm down...but also sad in a way. I am the type of person that is constantly on the go..never stopping and never relaxing..I hate it! But I miss it when I am not doing anything..I really need to work on taking more time for myself. I guess that is why I love the Wilton Cake classes...I am excited that next week is my final cake for course 3 but also sad that the next class is my very last one. I really enjoy having somewhere to go every week...kinda like a group. I know all the people, Ive made some new friends, and I love learning new things..oh and tasting the extra leftover icing ;)
The cake above was my final cake for course 2..which is all about color flow, basket weave borders, and royal icing flowers. The cake was very yummy!
Pretty soon I need to get a kick start on Aidens birthday invites. We have decided that his theme is going to be Train-Thomas. I love it..but where oh where did my baby go. I remeber thinking I would NEVER see my two hands free again..he was such a needy baby (still is but now explores) and ALWAYS wanted to be held..he screamed his head off when we laid him anywhere. Now I miss those days. The only time he wants me to hold him is so he can get closer to the laptop, tv remote, bills on the table, or anything else out of reach. Such a bittersweet time for me.........

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Anonymous said...

Ashley I LOVE the cake it is beautiful.
Love Mom


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