July 6, 2009

Back to blogging!


Miss me?! Haha of course you did!! Life has been crazy and super busy, like always.

I have been so busy with summer classes, cakes, Aiden, birthdays (Brents and my dads), holidays, and working, and my Etsy site, I have been getting alot of special or custom requests lately....keep them coming because I love creating custom things for people who appreciate handmade items. The only downfall to this is that it doesnt leave me much free time to catch up on my own scrapbooking and projects..oh well

Also regarding my Copic business...I am now shipping to Canada for an increase in shipping though. I also should be getting my newest order any day now!! I love getting a box from Copic, it seriously makes my day..which is why I am doing this business..I LOVE LOVE LOVE these products and want others to have the chance to own some at a very competitive price!!

Speaking of birthdays, I have had to make several mens (yuck..I hate doing mens cards) and here is one of them:

I adore this penny black stamp...the balloons are flocked so they are fuzzy!! Well I am needing to get off here and finish some things around the house!!

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