June 17, 2009

Busy Day


If you read my post below then you know that I am selling Copic at some great prices! I want everyone to be able to enjoy these wonderful markers!! I love them to pieces!!! I cant tell you when I do not use them....I color with them on all my cards..even this one:

I never have "manly" cards on hand so I decieded to make a few. Something simple and no glitter or frills lol.

I am almost done with the second cake course. I did go ahead and sign up for the next 2. I am pretty nervous about this final though...Im suppose to do a basketweave around the ENTIRE oval cake..are they nuts?!?

Criminal class is going great. My last day is tuesday..YAY. I had to write a 7 page paper that is due tomorrow about rape and let me tell you..I am ready for this summer class to be over haha.

Okay well I gotta go make a practice cake and watch Aiden get into things...plus my nephew Carson is coming over as well tonight so my sister can go out tonight..oh the things I do haha.

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