July 21, 2009

Here comes the bride.....

Not too bad for my first time ever doing a tiered fondant cake! And let me tell you..this cake is HEAVY and by far way too much for Brent and I to eat by ourselves before it goes bad...so the bottom tier is all for Brents work.....I wonder if they are getting sick of these "practice cakes".
So tonight was the last class for Wilton 3. Our instructor is going on vacation (lucky her) and she combined our first class with the lessons 1 and 3...so I am officially done till August and its my last class for Wilton...bittersweet moment..or should I say buttercream moment...oh goodness too much icing has gone to my brain!!!
Summer school ends thurs too..goodness what will I do in ALL of my free time..lol...just kidding Aiden will keep me on my toes thats for sure! I also need to get another order ready for Copic...since my latest one has been shipped out. Need anything?! Just let me know :)
Sorry these have been so short but with school and waking up at 6:30am everyday for it and cake class, and business, and taking care of Aiden and the house...it leaves me SO TIRED and often in bed before brent some times...WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?!?! I use to stay up till 3 with NO problem.
Mom---here is the link to pastors wifes blog..I figured it would be easier than trying to mess with another email :)
Goodnight Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Ashley I LOVE the cake it looks to good to eat. thanks for the link.


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