May 21, 2009

Wilton Classes

I think I have learned how to do icing roses!!! Sadly my first wilton course ends on Wed...we will make our last cake :( BUT!! I have already signed up for course II which actually starts that next following I wont forget anything I have learned ;) But back to my rose!! I like them!! Alot of people moaned and groaned when we were doing them...I did these on my first try!! I just cant belive we paid mega bucks for these babys on my wedding cake. BUT trust me...I cant even do a simple star border or anything for the life of me...but roses I can do hahah..go figure!
Brent and I cannot wait for this weekend......Brents sister is coming back home for the weekend and being the great aunt she is...she wants to see Aiden....which means F R E E D O M!!!! HAHA JK...but really Brent and I are NEVER alone at our big plans?? Cleaning..oh well it needs done and Aiden doesnt let me do much of that these days! Then on sunday we are going to my parents to celebrate memorial day and I get to bring a cake.....I have plenty of ideas!!
Well its almost midnight and we need to sleep since Aiden doesnt understand when to sleep or how so any precious minute of sleep is heaven. goodnight!!

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