May 17, 2009

Busy Weekend

Hello Again,

So sorry I havent posted much...again lately...this will change I promise! I guess I always hate to post with out having any pictures or anything to share....

I have been so busy lately...its crazy! I am taking 2 summer classes this summer...why?! I have no clue hahaha..but they are sociolgy classes and shouldnt be too Aidens grandma and his great grandma get to see it all works out :)

Plus...I have started my cake decorating classes! In fact, I only have 2 more sessions for the class 1 and then I am taking the rest this entire summer as well!

On Mondays I still work at the scrapbooking store...which means I never get a paycheck ;) Oh well...I love working where I do and working with scrapping...I mean, how could I not?!?

BUSY BUSY BUSY...and then it seems like EVERY weekend Brent and I have something to do! Tonight we had a graduation open house for my friend and then immediately after we had the wedding for my cousin, Lacey. Next weekend is memorial weekend and we have plans with both sides of the family as well.

I am STILL waiting on my copic order.....hoping any day it comes :) I have finished one of the cards I am making a technique class for and I wanted to see if other people liked I added it to Etsy and it sold the first day, along with two others!! But since I am waiting to post those cards until I am is a card I gave to my grandma today since her bday is tomorrow! She LOVES yellow and flowers!!

I think its pretty...and I used flower soft (I used the green for the grass!) and I love I went back to the store and got 3 more colors, purple, and yellow!! Well I plan to finish the next card for the technique class and I will post all the info, kit sales, and pictures!!! Have a great weekend!!

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