May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!!

It is exciting as this is my first official Mothers Day!! Brent and Aiden already were sweet and took me to Ohio for a nice stamp store and then to Ikea for more of the bygel rails to store my punches on! That makes 9 long rails......hmmm do I have too many punches?! I promised Brent it would be my last set, as I have ran out of room ;)

I still cannot post my mothers day cards incase my mom sees this post before I see her haha. Instead I made a mens birthday card using a cute stamp my mom just bought recently..

I love these little guys....and it fits perfectly as I am in cake making mode. I started my first Wilton course 1 class on Wed. We didnt really do much, but next Wed I have to bring in a cake and icing!! How exciting, I just hope I am pretty good at it!

Well its pretty late/early..depending how you look at 2am. I need to get off to bed as we have to celebrate our mothers this morning later!!

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